Proof that culture should extend beyond the office walls

Company culture is deeply rooted in the dedication, attitudes and work ethic of your team both individually and as a whole.

In my experience, company culture should not lie in the tangible, but instead exist in the energy that fuels each individual team member to do their best work. Then, look for how those individual motivations weave together to generate a buzzing orb that goes beyond the call of duty. If you can take a step back and clearly see that sphere of energy and motivation — you’ve got something good.

Part 2: Ideas to improve your remote culture, right now.

A fully-remote company and team culture! It’s a concept that is relatively new to our world, and as such, the conversation must continue to evolve and expand. The list of potential nuances, strategic plans, ideas and decisions for us to think about goes on and on, and these topics should always be reassessed and planned for.

But what about right now?

We’re remote right now because we have to be. Last week when I let my mind wander I came up with a seemingly indefinite list of questions to ask…

Part 1: What to consider when thinking about moving to a fully remote workforce.

Exactly two months ago I wrote an article on how this new “working from home” reality was in fact a work in progress, especially in relation to managing a team. While finding my ways to cope, I was also thinking about the sensitivities of my team, and trying to find the balance of the two.

Here’s an update: I still don’t know, but I’m getting better. I’m not sure we will ever know all the tricks. The pandemic will keep ebbing and flowing, without giving us much time to observe and develop solutions that are relevant. …

I’ve been sitting here at my dining room table for the last two weeks trying to find meaningful tips for myself and others on how to be a good people manager from behind a screen. I’ve given myself time, I’ve read a ton of other articles, I’ve attempted new approaches that failed and what I’ve come to learn is: there are no right answers and it’s a work in progress.

Taking a look inward

The things that have historically made me a great leader fall mostly in the category of people skills and emotional intelligence. Things like noticing body language, and being able to…

The necessary moves to feel good about your next necessary move

TypeSecret — Etsy

This Friday marks my last day as the Director of CX at Calendly. I’ve been at this company just shy of 3 years and boy, has it been a ride. I could write a very thrilling “25 minute read” on what I’ve learned from working, growing and experiencing things here. But this 8-minute read is different. In the few weeks since the announcement of my resignation, I’ve been focusing on making this transition smooth. It’s important to understand that it was an incredibly difficult decision to leave Calendly, as…

How to stack your tech-stack

I’ve been quite the software/tool procurement expert these days. Despite feeling like I am deep in the throes of demos, negotiations, approvals, more negotiations and 3 page long write-ups, I can’t help but reflect on the incredibly-positive impact some of these decisions have had on our CX operations here at Calendly.

Have your 6-layer tech stack cake and eat it too

Our Support team is high-functioning, world-class and (slowly becoming) famous for the experience we provide. That is 90% due to the incredible team and passionate managers. However, 10% of our success can be attributed to our tech stack, fully loaded.

Let’s get into it:

1. Stella ConnectCustomer Satisfaction…

A few years ago, I wanted to teach my team a little bit about our company’s customer support approach. I spent time explaining the difference and the balance between letting your personality shine while maintaining the general “voice” of Calendly. As consumers ourselves, I figured the best way to do this was to share and discuss our own customer support stories and allow them to land somewhere on a range of experiences. Enter: The Customer Support Spectrum™.

I’d like to preface this by saying the spectrum does not represent any negative support experiences, whether your company is all the way…

Image from

It’s not news that “soft-skills” have been underestimated for years, that they are a real set of transferable skills that make or break an incredible worker. It’s also not news that they should be looked at very closely and not taken for granted when looking for a great leader, peer, or in this case, support person.

Great support is an unsuspecting revenue driver for SaaS companies. The reality is that people, users of the internet, know about it’s inconsistency. They are not (as) surprised when the internet breaks or when a server goes down. However, if a support agent is…

As mentioned in a previous article of mine, creating a world-class customer experience starts by understanding your product’s support climate. You have to quantify by measuring, deciding and working towards numbers that are strategic to you and your businesses growth. You have to qualify by building, innovating and committing to a mission that offers the experience your customers are looking for and beyond.

If you offer a product or service, your customers will need help with said product or service. …

Image by @graphwya

Have you ever had a customer support experience that made you fall in love? Not only are you never leaving that company for a competitor, but you’re going to tell everyone you know about it, because the support is just. that. good.

Creating a world-class customer experience starts by understanding your product’s support climate. What do your users expect? How can you plan or anticipate to go above expectations if you don’t understand what the baseline for those expectations are and how they came to be?

There are a ton of logistics to think about in this regard, but most…

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